Hey! My name is Kamil Zwolski, PhD. I am the author of this website.

I am Associate Professor in International Politics at a global top 1% university in the UK. 

I am Senior Fellow of the UK’s Higher Education Academy, promoting excellence in university teaching.

I am also Jean Monnet Professor of European Security – a prestigious and highly competitive award by the European Commission.

My research, which revolves around the following topics: 

  • Theory and practice of European security governance
  • European integration theory and security architecture in Europe
  • Foreign and security policy of the European Union
  • War in Ukraine and its consequences for European security
  • Security policy and strategy of Central-Eastern European countries
  • Theoretical approaches in International Relations

I have been researching International Relations since 2007, publishing widely in prestigious academic journals. I have two published books with the last one looking into Europe-Russia relations.

My most recent book, European Security in Integration Theory, is the theoretical analysis of the structure of European security governance.

I analyse modern European-Russian relations, especially in the context of the war in Ukraine. 

But to get a better perspective, I apply some early 20th century theories of international integration, such as federalism and functionalism.

You can read the reviews of this book on the LSE blog and in a number of academic journals, including International Affairs and JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies.

My earlier book, The EU as a Global Security Actor, analysed the role of the European Union in international security.

I looked specifically at the cases of climate security, weapons of mass destruction and maritime piracy off the coast of Somalia.

I also publish widely in prestigious specialist journals. Recently, I published on the effort by the European Commission to become a global geopolitical actor.  

I also published on teaching and assessment strategies in International Relations.

For me, research goes hand in hand with teaching. I share my knowledge with hundreds of students every year, both at my university and on-line. For my teaching, I received multiple awards and my online courses are top in International Relations category.

I am a passionate teaching and I teach a variety of subjects related to Global Politics and International Relations.

In 2015, I led my team to win my university Vice-Chancellor’s teaching award to introducing an online simulation of International Relations to the module I was teaching.

More recently, I won the Student Union’s Award for best response to student feedback and I was shortlisted for the Vice-Chancellor’s award again.

I love innovating in my approach to teaching and I am not afraid to experiment, if I see potential value to student learning.

My most important innovation has been building my expertise in online teaching. On Udemy, I’ve got over 6.3k students from 141 countries and that number is growing rapidly.  

I regularly work with media outlets around the world to share my experience and expertise.

But the biggest satisfaction gives me interaction with my students.

I’d love to work with you, whether you just want to quickly enroll on an on-demand video course or participate live in my flagship Geopolitics of the 21st Century course.

There is also a wide range of projects I can help you with. Simply get in touch and let’s get going!